Rare Citrus Cocktail with Dollish Polish Dragons Breath!

So its Monday again and my holiday nail polish week is over. Back to normal pictures in normal places without random backgrounds!!

I decided that I simply must try and use one of my new holiday purchases first and chose the lovely orange Rare polish. Simply because I think (hope!) it looks good with my tan! Which is sadly start to fade now *cries*.


Citrus Cocktail actually applied really well. Was opaque within 2 coats and although a little thick was really nice to use for a bargain polish. I’m debating wether to call the polish a neon. It is certainly very bright but I’m not sure I’d class it as bright as a neon. Maybe with a white base it might make it pop a bit more!

I decided to jazz the mani up a little bit by using a couple of coats of Dolly’s Dragons Breath on my ring finger as an accent. This is my most favourite orange glitter ever! As you can tell from the bottle shot, I’ve used this once or twice before!!

Then I decided to go a little further and apply some gold studs to the plain nails. I’m really pleased with how it turned out.








Can you see the sparkles from Dragon’s Breath on the sunlight shots? Really love that.

Let me know what you think!

Thanks for reading x


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