Cling film/Saran Wrap Nail Art

I saw this on another blog a couple of weeks ago and I really liked the effect so googled for a tutorial. There were loads out there and as it seemed so simple even someone who is crap at nail art (me!) should be able to pull this off. So I gave it a go!!


Colours used in this mani from left to right are:

China Glaze – Golden Enchantment
China Glaze – Dress me up
Kiko – 236

I used Dress Me Up as my base colour and then once dry put on the Kiko red, then dabbed with some cling film. I then decided I wanted to add a bit more sparkle so then did a coat of Golden Enchantment.




I think with hindsight I chose colours that are a bit too similar in tone. I needed to chose colours with proper contrast. But at least I know I can do something different and I will try this again!

I’ve also done a cheeky little Born Pretty Store order with some new goodies so I can’t wait until that arrives!!!

Thanks for reading x


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