Color Club – Poptastic!

So if you are in the UK you will not have failed to notice that we’ve had some lovely sunny weather recently and during one of those gorgeous sunny days I decided to slap on a neon!!!

Color Club Poptastic is from the Color that Pops collection from Spring 2010.


I was very lucky that I visited my local TK Maxx just as they were loading up the nail polish shelves and I managed to pick up 3, yes 3!, sets of Color Clubs so you may see a few of these knocking around these parts for a short while!! šŸ˜€

Unfortunately none of the polishes came with their names on, so some googling had to occur to find out their names. I have to admit that made me cross, why they would have removed the stickers with their names on, but I got there in the end!

I decided to bling up this mani with some glequins. However my choice of tool (dotting tool!) to place the glequins on my nails was rather poor and I used some clear nail polish to get the glequins onto my tool to then put it into my nail. It just simply didn’t work. I’ve now bought from eBay some wax pencils which I’ve seen raved about before so hopefully I’ll get better at it now!

You’ll see some of the glequins either in odd positions or having pink on them. It was very much it looks better from a distance mani!! He He!

But I liked it. It was something out of my comfort zone and that has to be good!!!

You’ll notice on my middle finger in the first picture that I had a boo boo. Annoyingly happened the day after I’d painted them! I should really learn to be more careful when I apply lots of layers of polish!






The colour is gorgeous. I did layer this over a white as I wasn’t quite sure how sheer this polish would be and I’m glad I did to be honest. It really made the colour pop.

Will you be looking out for this in your TK Maxx?

Thanks for reading x



  1. Nail Lacquer

    I saw loads of Color Club collections in my local TKMAXX too, didn’t buy any this time but I have about 3 collections, including the Poptastic collection. I love all of the polishes in this collection and the sequins look great with Poptastic!

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