Dollish Polish – Who Lives in a Pineapple Under the Sea?

I’m still working through my Dolly’s and today I’ve chosen a lovely white with a gorgeous mixture of glitters. And the longest name in the world!!


As with my previous mani I wasn’t quite sure how sheer this polish would be so I layered this over a coat of white (Barry M Matt). Unfortunately I didn’t realise how sheer this polish was and where the white bottom coat was patchy it showed through on the mani even after a couple of coats of Pineapple. I really should have done 2 coats of the white basecoat to even it out first. I also thing as this is quite a sheer polish this can be layered over other colours such as a blue. I will have to give this a go!!








The stars did take some fishing out unfortunately, despite the bottle being upside down for an hour before hand, but I managed to get a few and I was pleased with that.

Lastly I simply must apologise for the quality of photographs this time. Not up to a standard that I’d like. I was rushing and before removing I didn’t make sure the pictures were good enough. Lesson learnt for the future I think!

Thanks for reading x



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