By the Face Gold and Maybelline Orange Attack!

You know what you have an idea in your head about what you’d like to do for a mani and in your head it looks really good. Well I should really know better by now as this mani did not turn out how I wanted it at all. Looks very childish. I’m showing this anyway as I like to show the rough with the smooth and hopefully in a years time I can look back and show that I’ve improved. Thats the plan anyway!!!


Used one of my holiday polishes today, By the Face number 22. This applied really really well. You wouldn’t have thought it was a budget brand. I will be doing some googling in the future to establish whether I can get this here or not!!

For the dots I used Maybelline Orange Attack. I bought this as part of a recent 3 for 2 at Boots.





The dots in my opinion aren’t quite uniform enough in size despite using a dotting tool and my hand isn’t quite steady enough to get them all in line!! Oh well, some more lessons learnt!! 😀

Thanks for reading x


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