Barry M Gelly – Key Lime

I’ve had a bit of a love hate relationship with Mr M’s Gelly polishes. On some the formulas are fab and I cannot get enough. On others the formula is just pants and really hard to work with. This one was in-between. Not easy, but not that difficult either.


Two coats and the polish was opaque however. Dried quickly.

I decided to jazz this up with some water decals. I bought these FOREVER ago and I cannot even remember where I got them. I would imagine it was eBay though. I think the colour of the polish and the colour of the decals really work together.

However I was disappointed that I got a bit too scissor happy and make them a little bit too small than they should have been. Whilst holding them up to the nail they looked much bigger then they actually were. Which was annoying and explains the slightly dodgy looking middle finger on my left hand.

However my right hand looked a bit better (which is not normally the case) so you see both hands today!!






After my last dismal attempt with nail decals I’ve learnt my lesson. Don’t leave them in the water too long as that will just make them soggy. 15-20 seconds is more than enough.

I really liked these and thought they looked really summary!!!

Thanks for reading x


  1. tattylou84

    I’ve just got in from town with a new purchase of 3 Barry M Gellys!! Will be trying them out as soon as I’ve finished looking at everyone’s fab artwork!

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