I’m giving myself a no buy challenge!!

And by writing it down here then hopefully I can stick to it!!

I have counted up my untried polishes today and I have 99!! With some more Dolly’s (love my Dollish Polish!) and some Dance Legends (seriously cannot wait till these arrive!) coming.

This will bring me up to about 107. Scary stuff. What I want firstly is reassurance!! Tell me I’m not strange to have so many polishes that I haven’t tried and yet am still buying more?

If I buy more polishes then I’ll have to tell you guys about it! And you will all tell me off!

So starting from now no more polishes for a month. I get paid on 25th of every month so thats, in my brain, how my months work. No more polishes until 25th August. Hopefully by then the dent in my untrieds will have gone down.

And then its my birthday on 28th August so in theory I should get some pretty polishes for my birthday? Or at least some money to buy some.

So are you with me?

Whilst writing I’m thinking of branching out a little with this blog. I love painting my nails and showing people what I’ve done so that will be predominately what this is about, however I’ve been thinking about adding a little fashion in the mix.

I’m a larger (ish) lady and I yoyo with my weight horribly. I thought I’d do a few blog posts of what I’m wearing not just on my nails. What do you think?

Much love xx


  1. Kim P

    I’m supposed to be on a no buy until the middle of October. We’re going to Disney for a week then, and I still need to finish paying for the trip AND save up spending and random expense money for it. Not to mention silly car taxes are due πŸ™‚ But I’m not doing a very good job at the whole no buy. But all my purchases have been with my husband’s consent, so at least I’m not hiding them! I bought him a few new t-shirts for the trip and put the condition on it that I could spend the same amount on polishes πŸ™‚

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