Pretty & Polished Candy Corn with a Poundland Polish!

Ever since the colour changing Dance Legend polishes have been released into the wild I’ve become a little obsessed and am craving colour changing polishes. However DL seems to be a little tricky to get hold of. Llarowe and Ninja Polish stock them however the postage from US to UK is horrible and they sell out fast. All sorts of cart jacking drama’s that quite frankly I do not want to get involved in. You can order from DL directly however it appears they are a little unreliable.

Some of the girls from the Nail Polish Addicts Forum (linky on the right!) have ordered and they just haven’t arrived so have had to make Paypal claims to get their money back. Communication has been really poor apparently. 😦

So I’ve been looking at alternatives. There isn’t that many to be honest. Born Pretty Store have some. But I placed my order with them AGES ago and I’ve had no parcel or even a dispatch note. I’ve emailed them to no response. What is going on with businesses nowadays!!

Anyway I was doing a little eBay browsing and came across this little polish from Pretty & Polished.


This is from her 2012 Halloween collection however I thought, its orange, its kinda summary, sod it I’ll wear it! And I liked it. When the polish was cold and it was a darker colour. The yellow of when your fingers where warn was a bit too pale. I used a cheapie Chit Chat Poundland polish polish on top and I’m glad I did or else I would have just looked like I was walking around with stained nails. Next time I might layer this over a white and see how I get on. Hopefully the colour changing element would still work.





This is when my fingers were warm.




Cold. Excuse wet hands, I had to run my fingers under the cold tap and photograph quickly as it was quite hot!!



Some colour changing shots for you.

So can anyone recommend me some other colour changing polishes for me to try?

Thanks for reading x


  1. LoolaBeanbag

    Ferity Miss Match are cheap and cheerful but work a treat. They also do Sun Vision polishes that change in sunlight.
    I quite like Candy Corn!

      • Loola

        Oooh, I forgot to say, the colour changers that I’ve used work even better over white, and the colour change is more prominent. I’ve also tried ones that change from a colour to clear, and have layered over a pale yellow, pink blue etc. and then this base colour becomes the ‘change’ colour. Endless fun with the cold tap……!!!

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