Chirality – Gacy Charms

So Shoppe Elecctico have had a bit of sale on recently and it would be rude not to indulge. I bought four polishes which I’ll review in time and they arrived super quick. However she is shutting up shop and moving back to the UK in August/September apparently. What that means for prices I don’t know. I use Sally Magpie’s for most of my polish needs nowadays and SE for ones that Sally doesn’t have. We’ll just have to see how it pans out!

Anyway, to the polish!


Whilst I was browsing the net for swatches I came accross a few blogs that were disgusted with the creators choice of names for this collection as they are based on serial killers. I get why people could be upset but personally I think its just a play on words and something a bit different.

I loved the idea of this polish. The charms in the name I’m guessing being based on the cereal ‘Lucky Charms’. I don’t know I could be wrong but I couldn’t wait to try this one on!!

I put a layer of white on first (learning my lesson from before and using two coats!) and then two coats of Gacy Charms. It is a really THICK polish. Very difficult to apply. Mainly I think because there is soooo much glitter in all shapes and sizes. With hindsight I think 1 coat would have been better as you can see more of the sparkle. However I think its meant to have 2 coats as this dulls the sparkle and makes the polish a bit more washed out. Which I think is the idea. You know, being based on a killer and everything!

Piccies are a little dodgy today I warn you. The camera doesn’t like focusing on the glitters!!!






I have a few more from this collection and I’ll look forward to trying them out!

Thanks for reading x

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