Kiko Brown – 323

You’ll probably recall me mentioned that I had bought a crap load of Kiko polishes during one of their recent sales? You know I’m nearly done trying them all! Bit of a shocker!! One of the ones I’d put off until the last was the colour which was the cheapest in the sale, 50p. It was clearly a colour that was not selling well and quite frankly the only reason I bought it, and from what I gather others as well, was because it was 50p. It became known on the NPAA forum as the ‘poo brown’. Personally I preferred chocolate brown but either works just as well!!


I tried to ‘brighten’ this up a bit by adding some glequins. However I think the mani ended up looking like an autumnal mani, not really a summer shade! With hindsight I should have chosen pinks or blues really but it worked as a mani in itself I think.





Despite topcoating the glequins some did fall off really quickly which was super annoying. Especially as I didn’t get a chance to photograph them until I’d noticed that they’d come away. You’ll just have to imagine they are there I’m afraid!

What do you think? One to try again later in the year?

Thanks for reading x


  1. Loola

    Rockin’ the Poo Brown! I think it’d look rather good with turquoise and orange, kind of boho. Sequins are pretty, but my patience wouldn’t allow me.

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