China Glaze – Bump and Grind

Isn’t there just hundreds of texture polishes out there now?! OPI really did start something with their liquid sands. I’ve had mixed success with the China Glaze textures and I’d put of using the last of my untrieds in my stash but I decided after my last autumn mani to go for bright and this certainly did that!


The formula was good on this polish. Dried really fast and was opaque within 2 coats. I didn’t haven’t any problems with applying it at all this time thankfully!





Took the ‘in the sun pictures’ when I had my lunch break at the beach! Was really lovely in the sun and super peaceful. Don’t get the opportunity to do it very often so I really tried to make the most of it.

Are you still into textures? Is this one you’ll try to get hold of?

Please excuse my horrible cuticles in these piccies. I’d cleaned the car and OH had hidden the rubber gloves……….

Thanks for reading x


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