By The Face – No 32

Still working through the untrieds ladies. Its getting a bit of a slog as there is so much I want to do with polishes I’ve already tried, but I need to use some of the polishes I’ve yet to fall in love with. And I broke my no buy. I bought two Maybelline polishes. I wanted the baby lips balm and Maybelline were on 3 for 2, so I got 2 polishes to make it up…….. Anyway, slight transgression skirted over nicely onto todays polish!

This was a holiday purchase which I actually really like!


This applied so well, I was really surprised about how opaque it was as well. I assumed this would need lots of layers to eventually perhaps need layering over another colour to get it to work.

I was wrong. Opaque in 2 coats and applied like butter. Lovely perfect polish!





In the sun you can really see the gold flecks in the polish and it shines. Honestly, if you are going abroad and happen across this brand, make sure you pick up a few bottles. Its totally worth it.

Please excuse the bubbles in the mani also. Super hot and my top coat bubbled. Grrrr.

Thanks for reading xx



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