Nail foil fail featuring Color Club Flamingo!

So there are going to be some seriously random backgrounds to some of these photos over the next few posts. Can’t really explain why other than I see a good (ish!) photo and take it forgetting that having my leg or my car in the background isn’t really ideal. But hey at least you know this is real life!!

Bit of a fail today. My first ever attempt at nail foils and I learnt a lot!


Firstly the colour of the Color Club isn’t entirely accurate. It is a soft pink rather than neon. Applies really well and I really liked the colour.

I wanted my foils to stand out so choose a contrasting colour. I now know why this isn’t a good idea if you are a perfectionist. Because you’ll never get it perfect!

It was a bit of a disaster with gaps everywhere. I’ve heard that its not a good idea to use top coat so didn’t and the foils were pretty much destroyed by the next day!

So my tip, use a base coat thats similar so that the foils coming off doesn’t show as much!!




I’ve got loads of other foils so I’m really looking forward to using them again!!

Thanks for reading x


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