Born Pretty Store Halo – No 8

I may have mentioned….ohhhhhh ages ago I think that I’d placed an order with Born Pretty Store and it hadn’t turned up? Well I eventually got my money back through paypal today. They never replied to ANY of my emails and I managed to get most of what I wanted through ebay and from UK sellers. Apart from the halo. That is what I was most gutted about as I’m really into my halos at the moment.

So when Loola from the NPAA forum said she was having a blog sale and she was selling her BPS halo I dived right in!! (Incidentally my no buy is a complete wash out at this point!)


I managed to get my mitts on no 8, which was the blue colour. The bottles are tiny, 6ml. But for what you pay at BPS its not a big deal.

I applied really well and was opaque for me in two coats. Maybe if my nails were longer I would have had to have done 3.

I used a top coat and this didn’t dull the halo at all.





I really liked the strong halo in the sunlight. I couldn’t stop staring at it, and this polish has certainly fed my appetite for more halos!

Don’t let my bad experience put you off BPS many have received order with no problems, but there are just as many who haven’t. Thank goodness for Paypal protection!

Thanks for reading x

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