Color Club – pucci-licious! with Glitzology All or Nothing

I’ve still got a couple of Glitzology polishes in my untried stash and I will use them despite the fact that she has vanished off the face of the earth and still hasn’t reappeared yet. Her facebook page is full of people wanting their money back. I was very lucky to get mine when I did I think! I decided therefore to do a cheeky little gradient using the Color Club as my base colour.


This mani looked much better in my head that it actually did on my nails to be honest and I’m glad I used a PVA base so I could peel it off the next day as I really don’t like having failures on my nails for too long!

I layered the CC over white which in hindsight wasn’t really necessary as the colour wasn’t neon enough. I then sponged the Glitzology over the tops.

You can tell I was in a hurry because I put my top coat on too quick and it the whole mani bubbled and shrank.





The colours worked well together but I just wasn’t happy with the final result.

What do you think?

Thanks for reading x


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