Dance Legend – Android

Today’s my birthday!!!!! 31 years young. Means I’m really out of my twentys now and may actually have to say my age instead of 29 plus 1………

This is a scheduled post incidentally so this isn’t actually what I’m wearing today. It will be something magical I’m sure, just don’t know what it is yet!!!

Anyway back to the post! Another halo by Dance Legend. I’ve still got another one in my untried stash that I can’t wait to wear either.


I managed to snag this from The Nail Arcade during their week long pop up store opening. I was a little hesitant to be honest as who would deal with any problems if they arose if they were only around for a week?! The range of polishes they had wasn’t that great so I stuck to the ones I was really lemming, the halos!!

Like the previous halo I wore, this went on super well and didn’t dull with a top coat at all.






Isn’t it pretty! I wore it for 3 WHOLE DAYS!! Which in my word is a miracle!!

Thanks for reading x


  1. Darren

    Lovely just like the other Dance Legend on a few posts back – reminds me of a peacock πŸ™‚
    Happy Birthday! I know I’ve seen you today but just wanted to say it again lol πŸ™‚ x

  2. uknailrunner

    That’s really pretty! I haven’t got any Dance Legends yet, but they’re SO tempting!

    And happy birthday!

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