Color Club Mash up striping tape!!!!!

I decided to try my hand at striping tape again, I wasn’t going to let it defeat me!! And I think I made an improvement over last time. I bought some new tweezers which I think helped with the removal a lot better!


For this I used two polishes from my recent TK Maxx haul. The orange is Sparkle and Soar and the yellow is Daisy Does It.

I used the yellow as my base colour and then once dry added my striping tap. Putting the tape on takes FOREVER which is why I don’t do nail art very often as I’m often time limited but it is worth it. Sometimes. Anyway the top colour was the orange. I felt once the tape was removed that actually despite the colours looking different in the bottle, because they both had a shimmer that they looked quite similar. So I stuck a pink bead on to try and make the stripes stand out a little bit more.






What do you think? Better than my last attempt?

Thanks for reading x


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