Picture Polish – Whimsy

Bit of a story behind this polish. When Sally Magpie’s did her first restock of the new PP’s, I was out with my best friend. I was frantically refreshing on my phone to make sure I got one. Sadly I missed it. My friend saw how upset I was and without telling me ordered me a bottle from the USA!! In the meantime Sally got it back in stock and I ordered it. Not knowing that my friend had ordered it for me as well!

So last week I got a lovely surprise when my friend presented me with a brand spanking new bottle of Whimsy. I felt terrible when I told him I’d got it already. But it is officially my most favourite polish so it is good to have two of them! This post is dedicated to him. You know who you are. xxx


So Whimsy!! Its a gorgeous summary light blue polish with a shimmer running through it. I’m pretty disappointed that my photographs don’t show it as they should. However I’ve done much too much talking in this post already so I’ll show you what I’ve got!




As with all PP’s application was a dream. Removal was a little tricky though, but it was worth it!

Thanks for reading x


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