33 Day Challenge – Day 3

Well this was slightly less successful then my last attempt at using striping tape sadly. I went wrong on a couple of points.


Color Club On the Rocks and Barry M Satsuma

I wanted to use polishes that were more contrasting then I’d used previously and how much more opposite can you get between a silver and an orangey/red (still undecided on this one, although its going into the orange helmer drawer!). Although the colours kinda worked, I did completely pick the wrong polishes.






I used Mr M’s gelly as my base which is where I went wrong first. Despite the fact that it applied lovely and only needed 2 coats, it takes forever to dry without a quick dry top coat. I waited an hour before applying my tape and I still managed to peel some of the polish off when I removed it! Didn’t have that problem with the Color Club I used recently.

Also I needed to have chosen a more opqaue silver as I needed two coats of this and thick ones at that and that just made the striping tape difficult to remove.

So all in all, I improved in some ways, but not in others. Not my greatest attempt at tape. Now lets have a look at the ladies who managed it MUCH better than me!!!

Thanks for reading x


  1. MyDailyNailDesigns

    I know it feels bad when mani turns out not well but I really like the colors , I will be posting my later today , hope u will chk out 🙂

  2. dymphnarose

    I actually like the colors together, but it stinks that you had to use two coats of the silver. 😦 Hopefully you can find a silver that works a little better for next time! 🙂

  3. tattylou84

    I like it! It’s jaggedy and rough and arty! This probably sounds silly but it suits your fingers (I know what I mean)!!!!

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