Day 7 – 33 Day Challenge

My god, day 7 and I haven’t yet given up!! Very proud of myself and what I’ve achieved so far (ignoring that erm tape mani!!). Today’s prompt ‘artwork featuring your oldest untried’.

This was super tricky as I have so many untrieds, I have no clue which one has been lurking around there for the longest! I know that the Glitzology polishes that I purchased a while ago were quite old but I wasn’t really sure on how to get that into nail art. Then I happened to read Nailasaurus’ blog and it occurred to me, skittle mani!! I love her skittle mani’s so decided to give it a go. And I managed to knock LOADS off my untrieds at the same time!!


Polishes used from l-r:

Ciate bon bon, Rare Gridlock, Glitzology Princess Claire, Ciate helter skelter.

So I used bon bon as my base coat for all my nails and then chose 3 other polishes that all complemented that colour and my old untried, Princess Claire.

The Rare polish was bought on holidays and I was really keen to try it out!

Thumb nail was Rare dotted on with a dotting tool, index finger had helper skelter sponged onto the tips, middle finger had a Rare tape mani and my ringer finger had the untried, Princess Claire.

IMG_2005 IMG_2007 IMG_2010 IMG_2011 IMG_2013 IMG_2014 IMG_2015 IMG_2016

I really liked this mani and was proud of what I managed to do when I put my mind to it. And it was dead simple!!

What do you think? Make sure you check out what the other girlies came up with today!

Thanks for reading x



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