Day 8 – 33 Day Challenge

Todays prompt, Chevrons. There were some mega fails in trying to attempt this mani. And I’m not entirely 100% happy with what I’ve ended up with but, well lets see what you think!


Polishes used were OPI A Roll in the Hague and HITS Folk Rock. A little similar colour scheme to the last Mexican mani, but its very Autumn now and the colours seemed to fit!

So I used the OPI as my base coat and then taped off a section using striping tape and painted on the HITS in the space left to get my chevron!




Natural light


Under my lamp to show the sparkle of the HITS polish as there was little to no sun!

Some of the HITS glitter went where it shouldn’t and it felt a little too much like the Christmas tree manis I normally do around the festive season, but using the wrong colours!

But ultimately its a chevron and much better than my previous attempts!!

What do you think? Lets check out the others!

Thanks for reading. x



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