Day 9 – 33 Day Challenge

Indian theme today. Wow. I really didn’t know where to begin with this prompt I’ll be honest with you! There are so many ways to go, I was a little over whelmed. But with some googling for inspiration later, I came up with a little something!


First a little story. You’ve never really seen stamping from me because I’ve never been able to get the image to transfer onto my nails. I googled for tips and nothing worked and I just came to the conclusion that I would never be one of those people who could stamp.

Roll on a few months and when I was browsing Sally’s Beauty Supplies I noticed that they had genuine Konad stampers in stock. I had some birthday money to burn so bought one. It took until yesterday for me to use it as I really thought it wouldn’t work but decided to give it a try. And it appears my cheapy born pretty store stamper was the problem! My images stamped really clearly and really well! I was floored and now I’m so excited at what else I can stamp, so you’ll probably see some more in the future now. Sorry about that! Practice is required as my lining up isn’t great though.

So back to the theme. I was looking through some indian ideas and came across sari’s. They are always so beautiful and intricate and full of colour. It all came together then!

I first used A England Avalon as my base. Its a beautiful deep purple with some slight blue shimmer, perfect as my ‘material’.

I then stamped using Next Gold polish and Bundle Monster plate 206. Then to bling it up a bit I added some glequins. I’m so pleased with my effort. Its nothing compared to some others out there but I’m dead chuffed with what I achieved here.





What do you think? I wonder what the others have done today?

Thanks for reading x


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