33 Day Challenge – Day 12

Todays prompt – based on a pattern in your home. Well as soon as I saw this I KNEW what I was going to do. I think I’ll leave it to your judgement whether it worked or not!


Polishes used A England Excalibur, Maybelline Blackout and Sally Hansen Bandage. The latter came from Poundland recently!!!

I’m lucky enough to have a large living room (the offset is that my bedroom is the size of a postage stamp but anyway….) and my sofas are grey/black so I bought curtains of the same colour with a simple pattern.

I used Excalibur instead of a darker grey and I wish I’d used my grey Kiko polish instead now as the cream of the SH really doesn’t show too well which is a shame. Anyway these are my curtains!


And this is my mani.




I painted the A England on first and then free handed the black with a small brush then went around the black with the Sally. Its not an exact match to the curtains but as it was only ‘based on’ I think I can get away with it.

I really enjoyed doing this mani even if it didn’t turn out as I had it in my mind but I find that happens quite a lot!

Lets see what the others have done today, and whether they have used their curtains as their inspiration!

Thanks for reading xx


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