Day 16 – #33dc!! (look at me using hashtags!!)

Day 16!! Still going, but I’ll be honest, I am starting to struggle with inspiration and trying to be different. But I suppose that is part of the challenge isn’t it?! Crikey, I do hope I finish this, I’ll be gutted if I don’t!! Todays prompt, South America. Well I had NO clue where I was going to go with this. After much googling later I came up with this!


So, and you’ll have to bear with me here!, Brazil is in South America (according to google anyway!) and they do like a good carnival in Brazil (again according to google!) and most of the costumes seem to made of feathers, therefore the logical step for me was to do a feather manicure!!!! Still with me? Good.





So for this mani I used OPI, Dutch Ya Just love OPI? as my base colour. I then used some pink water decals for the all my fingers apart from my ring finger where I used a real feather from a craft shop! I used the tutorial on the Nailasurous’ blog and I don’t think I did too badly. Trouble is I should have used a lighter colour for the ring finger. The feather doesn’t show up to well which I was disappointed about, but it was quite stressful getting the feather to stick in the first place I wasn’t going to attempt it again!!!

What do you think? Lets see what the others are up to…

Thanks for reading! xx


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