Day 23 – 33dc

Only 10 more manis to go!!! I’m really concerned about what I’m going to do with all my time when this challenge is over. Anyone have any ideas, please drop me a line because I’ll get bored quickly again I suspect.

Anyway, todays prompt, Geometric. Geometric to me means straight lines and colour. Well I decided I wanted to do someone a little more sophisticated considering I had a meeting the next day.


I used as my base colour Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure and then for one of the tip colours China Glaze Seduce Me. That polish did Seduce me! It is a gorgeous colour and I will be using it again soon. I then used as the other half of my tips a black polish.



I did this free hand and I was pretty pleased with how I did. I really like the colour combinations and I thought it was pretty classy!!!

Unfortunately it did chip pretty quickly which was a bummer despite tip wrapping but I’ll be doing this again soon for sure!!

Lets see what the others did.

Thanks for reading ! xx


  1. dymphnarose

    First, Tri-Polish Challenge to do after the 33 Day challenge is over. Plus holiday/Christmas/whatever manicures! You also did a really nice job on today’s challenge. 🙂

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