Day 24 – 33dc

Todays prompt….. Mani featuring the colour you own the most of.

Well I recently filled up the blue drawer in my helmer. Complete shocker for me, thought it would be the pink drawer first, but apparently not! So blue it was.


Mentality is a brand that Sally Magpie’s has recently started stocking and the matte’s really stood out to me so I bought a few! This one is called Brute. Application was amaze balls and was opaque in one coat. To carry on with the blue theme I then stamped over Brute with blue Konad special polish using a plate from the MoYou Sailor 03 collection.

I got this plate in a box swap that I’ve been doing with the girls over at the NPAA forum and the plate is great. However I’ve since bought some plates of my own direct from their website and their customer service is not great. I’ll do a special blog post about this in the future when hopefully it will have been resolved and I’ll have my plates!! Anyway to the mani…




There was some slight smudging upon application of the stamp, thing the fact that it was a new stamping polish didn’t help but I think it did help so the wave effect.

I then topped over with Rimmel Matte top coat to make it last.

I really like this mani and I can’t wait to do some more stamping!!

Thanks for reading x


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