Fireworks night with Barry M!

Now I am a bit late posting this, I’ll be fair. I try to schedule most of my posts in advance in an effort to be organised but I didn’t quite mean for this post to be so late, but anyway its here now and I hope will be helpful.


I used the two limited edition 2013 polishes for Boots and Superdrug. The pink is Superdrug E and the silver is Boots C. Very imaginative!!

I layered these over a coat of Sally Hansan Black Platinum as I wasn’t sure how opaque they would be. I think they’d probably work by themselves with 3 coats actually. But the black did bring out the sparkle more.



I used the pink on my ring finger and the silver on all the others. The sun was being annoying and not coming out the day I wore these so I could only get them to sparkle under my lamp.

To be honest, in real life you couldn’t really tell the pink was pink and if you were only able to pick up one of these I think that would be enough.

Thanks for reading x


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