33dc – Day 27

Todays I actually like disappointed with. Mani featuring 3 patterns. This was the best out of what felt like hundreds of attempts. Sometimes I think I’m getting better with stamping but other times I realise I’m not. Oh well I’ll keep trying!!!


I used London Bridge is Falling Brown as my base which is a gorgeous autumn polish. Love it loads and will use again soon. I then stamped with Moyou plate and Konad black stamping polish…




As you can see it wasn’t entirely a success and I am disappointed. Bloody lines!!! Any tips gratefully received.

Thanks for reading x


One comment

  1. Inky Whiskers

    Your stamping turned out just fine! For stripes, I like to use a very skinny striping brush from Essence. It comes with 3 hex shaped sponges that are very nice for gradients. If you don’t have Essence products where you live, you can trim a striping brush (the bristles are about 1″ (2.5 cm) long) by folding down half the bristles & trimming the rest with small scissors & then doing this again with the remaining bristles until you have a very thin brush to use when painting stripes. Don’t pull the bristles out as that will make the rest fall out & ruin the brush.

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