London Shopping Trip!!!

I’ve been away for the past few days into the big smoke!! London is only about an hour away from me but I very rarely go. However I got a deal on a Travelodge, a deal on the trains and thought sod it! Off we went.

The idea was to do some Christmas shopping, get ahead of time etc. I did do shopping, however most of it was for me. My poor credit card. I’m putting it away and it isn’t getting used again until at least February 2014!!!


Regent Street Christmas lights. So pretty.


Harrods all lit up.





A few shots from the Natural History Museum. We got a bit bored of shopping so decided to try something cultural. However I didn’t realise it was aimed soooo much at kids so actually got a bit bored. The T-Rex was cool though.

Anyway, enough of the sight seeing pictures, I’m sure you want to see what I bought!!!!


First up was my Harrods tree decoration. OH wanted to get one for his Mum and I decided that we should get one for our tree as well. OH still says that we aren’t getting the tree down until 24 December however. I would get it down earlier but sadly I can’t get into the loft. However that tree will be mine come 12 December!!



My biggy purchase! Ugg boots! I’ve ALWAYS wanted a pair however 1. I’ve never had the money and 2. Never known what size to buy. So when I found the Ugg store at Knightsbridge I was in there. God they are comfy. At the time my feet were aching after 2 solid days of walking and just trying them on was heaven. Can’t wait to wear them again. Must protect them first however.


The I made a ‘small’ trip to Lush. I do have a Lush where I live however I’d run out of cuticle butter (must buy for anyone, best cuticle butter ever!) and decided to have a mooch around. As mentioned above my feet were aching and I decided to see if they had anything that could help. I’d read about the Volcano product on another blog and they said it was good so I thought I’d give it a try together with the foot lotion. I can confirm that they are both great products. My feet are lovely and smooth this morning after giving myself a pedi last night!!

I also picked up some hand lotion, not used that yet so will come back to you on that. And some shampoo which I hope will help my dry scalp along with the scalp balm. I hate winter as it ALWAYS dries my skin out horribly.




I’d seen pictures of Vice 2 all over the blogging world and I knew I had to have this. Those colours are stunning and like nothing I already have. Luckily I had some money left on a gift card which softened the RRP a little!!! Can’t wait to use this.




A small trip to the Illamasqua counter in Selfridges. I’m really getting into Illamasqua after some blog sale purchases so when I saw this beauty I knew I had to have it. Really hard to photograph and I can’t wait to wear it.


Then I discovered, must to my delight, that Kiko opened a store on Regent Street yesterday!! (23 November) and I dived straight in.

I know the staff are very keen and everything but my god I kept getting hassle. I just wanted to look at the products in peace but every time I went near something I got pounced on. Arghhh leave me alone!! So I only bought a couple of bits.

I wanted to try out a new matte primer and this one seemed as good as any. I then went back to my nail roots and bought two (yes two) sets of polish. A sugar mat set with new colours AND a satin colour set. And they have nails as well as numbers. Shocker.

Anyway watch out for these over the next few weeks. Anything you’d particularly like me to talk about more? Let me know.

Thanks for reading x


  1. Lou

    I hear you about KIKO – as soon as you go near or (god forbid) pick something up, they are all over you. They are helpful if you need it but personally I find it a bit full on when I want to browse and play

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