33dc round up

Well the 33 day challenge is all finished. Bit sad actually, means I have to think for myself rather than rely on prompts. Got a bit used to that. Although when I was doing the challenge I was craving for more freedom! Work that one out.

Anyway I thought I’d do a quick round up of my favourite manis from the challenge.

Firstly Day 7, Artwork featuring your oldest untried…… My first proper skittle mani. Loved doing this and loved the final effect!


Day 19 was a first for me as well, roses!! Follow someones tutorial was this prompt and I was super pleased with the final results!


The next prompt was a pattern based on your wardrobe for Day 20. I loved the colour and I loved the stamping. So very pink and so very me!!!


Day 23 and I decided to go for something a bit classier with the prompt being geometric.

I swore I’d do this type of mani again and quickly, but as of yet I haven’t.


Day 26 was something from your pinterest board. Well that was an easy enough choice but I wish I’d had the time to copy it completely.


Day 28 was lines and I used some water decals to make sure I could get the lines straight!!!


Mani featuring the same pattern in various colours was Day 30 and this was my words stamping. Wish I could live my life by these words!!


And lastly my all time favourite mani of the challenge was day 4 and the tribal mani.

I’ve never been soooo pleased with nail art in all my life!!!


And that as they say, is that!!

Thanks for reading x


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