Drama Drama Drama

Do you know what I hate the most? Apart from a crappy nail polish or the rain. Drama. Unless its The Walking Dead or True Blood of course……

The nail polish world is full of it. If it isn’t Llarowe restock website crashes its indie nail polish makers doing a bunk. Or the latest MsJenFabulous stealing nail art!

Thats a shocker and some big bloggers are all making sure that the word gets out there. However its surprising considering how long she has apparently being doing it, that its taken this long for it to come out of the woodwork!

My upset is regarding the group which I am fostering Doll’s through. Things have taken a turn for the worse over the past few days and if we thought the nail polish world drama was bad this is nothing!

Ultimately it all comes down to who is more important than who, rather than the most important thing of the hedgehog’s. Thats really quite sad.

I feel quite frustrated and cross tonight and I hate that. Hope it goes away soon.



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