GOT Polish – Pink

Its the first day of the new Crumpets Nail Art Challenge, Golden Oldie Thursdays or GOT for short. This is going to be fun!!

First prompt is pink. This was super hard to pick actually as before my addiction kicked in, in full force I generally loved pink as my colour of choice so I do have LOADS!! In the end I had to choose two because I couldn’t decide. First polish is Models Own Northern Lights for 2012’s christmas collection and I also used Models Own Pinky Brown from their Beetlejuice collection also from 2012.

I decided to to use Northern Lights as my base and then taped over and used pink brown as an accent. As usual it looked better in my head than on the nail but I’m still super pleased with it. I’d forgotten how sparkly Northern lights was!!




I think the colours worked really well together and I’m pleased with my first prompt in this challenge. More is come. Next is stripes.

Thanks for reading xxx


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