My make up favourites!!

I know this is a nail polish blog, it always will be but I’ve had the urge for a while now to talk about make up and what I like.

I find it VERY difficult to wear make up as, despite being 31, I have the oily skin of a 13 year old and most of it slides off my face by 9.30am. But since I’ve started reading blogs I’ve picked up a few hints and tips, hence this is the make up I love and wear!

First the basics….


Urban Decay eye shadow primer is a product I will never ever live without again. I never bothered with eye shadow before because it would crease and look horrible. This product is fantastic. Since I’ve started wearing it my eye make up stays up ALL day and I love it. Well worth the high price tag. I’ve tried cheaper versions such as the much raved about MUA one but this is the king of them all.

My current favourite face primer is the one I bought from London before Christmas. It actually does keep my face matte for most of the day which is an achievement as like I said above I have very oily skin. It applies really sticky when it first goes on and feels kinda horrible but once its dried you can’t feel it at all and really does help with the oiliness.


Next foundation. I use this maybelline stick as I find this soooo much quicker and easier to use than a liquid foundation, especially as I’m always running late! The coverage isn’t great but does the job and assists in keeping my skin matte looking.

The under eye concealer from Seventeen is a recent addition. I have horrible dark circles under my eye and this makes them less obvious and I love it. Heavy duty is needed and heavy duty it is!

Next is eyes. You’ll notice more Urban Decay. I’m currently in love with this brand! I got the eye liner set in the Christmas sales and I’m really loving their staying power. They apply so smoothly and I love the colours. Big thumbs up from me.

The Vice 2 pallet I bought in London and I adore. Fab colours and doesn’t budge. Well worth the cost.


My current go to mascara is Barry M Lash Vegas in water proof. This has come to the test and passed with flying colours! I bought this as part of an offer Superdrug was having at the time and I adore it. I have horrible short lashes that point downwards and this holds the curl and extends them beautifully. I’ve now bought back ups just in case they discontinue in the future!!



Again a bit high end.


The colours really are lovely and can build up to a perfect blush. I’ve never used a high end blush before I got these and the quality really does show through. The packaging is sooo pretty and these pink tones are just so me!

My current go to lippies are again from the NARS spring collection. Pink lipstick really suits me so when I saw this collection and these two in particular I had to have them!


They don’t wear that well but I can let them off as the colours are stunning.

So they are my current make up favourites. I’ll do an update in a few months and see if this is still the case!!!! I’ve just bought some new lipsticks!!!

Thanks for reading xx


  1. gingerlovesmakeup

    Thanks for letting us in on your make-up stash.
    My blog was initially meant to be about all things make-up – face and nails. But 95% of my posts are about nail polish.
    What I actually wanted to say is that I like to look at and read about all things beauty. And I’m sure I am not the only one.

  2. Char

    I love makeup as well as nails 🙂 I can’t live without the UD primer potion either! I was so happy when they brought out the big version 😀 x

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