Happy Birthday Pretty Polishes

Well. My blog is one year old today! Go me! Who would have thought that I would have stuck it out so long!

To begin with it was just me and the girls from NPAA and then gradually over time a few more came on board.

My turning point was joining in with the British Nail Bloggers giveaway which gained me HUNDREDS of followers. There is a but to that however that despite going from 20 odd followers to over 300 in the space of those weeks today I’m averaging 20 page views today. That makes me sad that lots of those people followed for the sake of the giveaway.

But no matter, I don’t do this for getting hundreds of views a day, I do this because I adore painting my nails and I want an outlet for it which doesn’t involved my poor OH to say very nice every time I do something different!! Lol

Let’s see where I have achieved since I started a year ago, well I’m doing nail art!! The 33dc certainly helped with that and although I’m not perfect I think that’s ok, because no one is. I’m stamping! And loving it. That’s a shocker for me as I never thought I’d get the hang of that!

I think that my piccies are better than a year ago, not perfect but better. I think what I’m putting into words is fairly understandable and my skills are much improved!

So all in all a great year. For nail blogs anyway. Things in my personal life have been very up and down but I always go and do my nails and that makes everything right again.

Oh and I’ve gained Holly and Dolly!!!

I know tradition would dictate a giveaway of my own however I’m not quite that organised! I will make sure I do something over the next new months though!

Tomorrow will be a yearly update on how my stash has grown! I’ll give you a clue. I now have two helmers……!

Thanks for reading xxxxx


  1. Darren

    Yay! Well done you! You should be proud of what you have achieved! Now to look forward to another year and more new skills! Happy Birthday PrettyPolishes 🙂

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