My stash…. updated!

A year ago today I did a post on what was in my stash and how many polishes I had. My how things have grown!!!!

As mentioned yesterday I have now outgrown 1 helmer and now have 2. Although thankfully I’ve got LOADS of room in the second one.

This is a mega pic heavy post so I have put in a jump, hope you don’t mind!!

So first things first… pink!


I’ve now had to spread out into a second pink drawer. Albeit there isn’t much in the second one just yet!! Total today is 103 variations of pinks. Last year I had a small 49! I made myself choose one indie and one mainstream polish that I really like from this drawer and to be honest it was fairly easy!


Illamasqua Collide. The polish which started my Illamasqua obsession. I stalk the various nail sale pages on Facebook like a woman possessed nowadays.


Lilypad In Pink We Trust is/was a Sally Magpie’s exclusive. Stunning vibrant pink and I adore it. One that will never ever leave my stash.

The next drawer used to include reds so I can’t do a side by side comparison as I didn’t used to separate them out. This drawer holds my yellow/browns/oranges.


This is a drawer I’m certainly on my way to filling up! 88 compared to 40 last year and thats with the reds in!!!


Barry M Lychee, the staple that every addict needs.


KB Shimmer Blinded by the Bright. Yup you certainly are with this polish!!

Another former combined drawer now has its own. Green!! Not a colour I really liked much but its certainly growing on me.


37 of these little beauties!


Ahhh Dance Legend Android the most gorgeous stunning halo green that I have ever seen! (awaits to be corrected!)


Barry M Key Lime. Gorgeous summary colour. Must make sure I wear this again when the sun reappears!


Again a former combined drawer, this is the shades of black. Not quite got 50 of them, currently at 33. You know me, it won’t stay that way for long!


Chanel Black Pearl is my most expensive polish so far. However I did buy it from nail sale so was slightly cheaper than RRP. Doesn’t look much in the bottle but on the nail is gorgeous!


Another KB Shimmer, Showgirl. Such a pretty polish. Those halo glitters get me every time!!!


Ahhhh finally a comparable drawer. 72 purples this time compared to 36 this time last year and I was surprised that it was ‘only’ 36!! Ha if only I knew.


Illamasqua Baptiste. Drool. Can’t say any more than that.


Dance Legend Cosmic Rainbow was a huge lemming for me and I was really pleased to get hold of it when I organised the NPAA group buy for DL polishes from the USA. MUST MUST MUST wear this again when its sunny.

Moving onto my second helmer and my red drawer…


34! Clearly need to buy more reds!! Something wrong with me, every girl should have at least 50 reds!! lol


OPI Cute Little Vixen. When OPI get it right, they get it right.

No indy choice from this drawer as I haven’t bought any red indie polishes. Bizarre. Any recommendations?


Blue!! A colour that I didn’t have much of this year and a colour that I’ve really run away with. 83 of the buggers!! Nearly filled a drawer up for goodness sake!!!


Barry M Blue Grape is beyond gorgeous. Simply love this colour, so deep yet so bright.


Picture Polish Whimsey. Love it so much I obtained a back up!!!!


White/Silver/Clear drawer. Also known as my randoms!!!! 52 of these random polishes.


Color Club Harp On It. Thank god for Sally Magpie’s again for bringing this into my life! Don’t know what I’d do without that woman!


Charilty Gacy Charms. Bought this polish when Annette from Rainbow Connection was shutting down her Singapore shop. Formula is shocking but the end result is worth it.


Muti Coloured glitters!! Just 7 of these little lonely polishes. Must make sure I don’t forget them. And buy them friends!


Loving Pretty Serious Black Diamonds!

And last but not least my untried drawer.


Currently stands at 99. I really need to get this level now, I can never seem to get it below 50!! Thats a job I really must tackle.

So my grand total is (drum roll please)


Wow I had 264 this time last year a massive increase of 344 polishes in the space of a year. As my darling OH would say ‘shit the bed!!’.

Won’t tell him about this I don’t think….. Not whilst I’m trying to convince him a need a baby hedgehog anyway…..!!

How has everyone else’s stash grown over the past year?


  1. Gemma

    Wow. I thought I had a serious polish purchase problem and I’ve only filled two drawers of my helmer, I’ve stopped counting since getting past the two hundred mark I find it’s easier to justify buying if I don’t know.
    I’m buying Illamsqua collide now, I’ve still got 2 untried Illamsqua’s sitting in the drawer but that pink is just too pretty.

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