Polish Addict Nail Color – Pretty Zombie

If you follow me on my instagram (and if not why not??!! Linky —–>) then you will have seen some of this weeks mani’s already. And some cute hedgehog piccies!!!!

You’ll also notice a bit of a colour theme going on this week, lemme know if by Friday you get it!

Today I’m going to talk about a polish brand that I’d never had before, I bought it because the retailer was having a sale and I liked the name. I also knew that the Walking Dead was coming back to the UK and I wanted to wear something to celebrate that return. And it was pink.






Application was fab, no fishing around for glitters was required and the piccies show two coats. What I didn’t realise, until I went to bed, was that the polish was glow in the dark!! Totally made me jump when I went to scratch my nose in the middle of the night!!

However I preferred this polish when it glowed rather than in day light. For me it was just too light for my skin tone, I need something a bit deeper coloured. So great polish, but just not for me.

Thanks for reading xx


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