Uh oh….. wheres the mojo gone??!!

Yup I’ve currently lost my blogging mojo. Not sure why to be honest as I’m still painting my nails as much as ever. I think its a time issue.

I’m stretching myself too bloody far. And its March, the end of the financial year for work and I’ve got a 3 hour exam to revise for and a 1500 assignment to write.

And 2 hedgehogs and a boyfriend who is more clingy that a very clingy thing, bless him!! lol

Anyway, I think this is my way of saying, I need a break, a bit of a breather as it were.

I’m posting manis on instagram a lot, as well as the hedgehogs, I think its easier there as it just a picture. Not a lot of words or thinking required. So please do come and find me there if you are a ‘grammar!! My user name is prettypolishesblog or use the link on the right.

I WILL be back, just need a bit of a time out from putting so much pressure on myself.

So don’t leave me!!! 🙂


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