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I am still here peeps, I cannot believe its been 4 months since my last post. I’m sorry.

If you’ve been following me on instagram you will see that I’ve still been painting my nails and doing my thing, just not been posting them here!!

Work got busy, 3 hedgehogs and an awkward boyfriend to look after take up a lot of time, plus painting nails!

Here are a few of the highlights from my time away:























Phew!!! Thats just a random selection!!!

And just cause I can here are some random hedgehog piccies!!!





I got my tattoo finished! (its a horrible piccie, not got around to getting another one taken!)


And finally I went on holidays back in June to Lanzarote again. Loved it and miss it terribly. Hope to go back at Christmas.


So anyways, bit a pic heavy update, I’ll try to be back more regularly and I hope not to many of you have left me!

Take care and much love. xx


Tresemme Naturals Shampoo…. Slight rant!

Ok so I may have mentioned before, and its slightly gross so I apologise, but I have eczema on the back of my neck and head. I have found that using shampoos with Sodium Laureth Suflate (SLS) in them makes it worse. There aren’t that many shampoos out there which don’t have this foaming agent in so when I found the TreSemme Naturals range I was so pleased as this shampoo didn’t have SLS in!!



It does have sulphates in but the less irritating kind. Can you tell I’m not a chemist… anyway.

I was in the supermarket the other week looking to get another bottle of my bestest ever shampoo when I noticed the bottle looking a little different….



Hummmm so I turned it around and low and behold they’ve only bloody added SLS back in!!!!


To be honest I’m fuming. They are still counting it within their ‘Naturals’ range but have put the very ingredient that sold it previously back in!!!

I wrote to TreSemme after I found the offending shampoo but to date I’ve had no response.

That means I cannot use TreSemme after my current bottle has run out. I wanted to do this unrelated polish post purely because I wanted to whinge and to make people aware that clearly brands change their ingredients without making it obvious to their consumers. Luckily for me I must have been on my game that day!

Does anyone else have any good SLS free shampoos they use that they can recommend? I know L’Oreal do a range but none seem to suit my hair type. There is the NAKED range which is sold in Boots but no matter what type of shampoo I use my hair goes really flat, lank and greasy. I wrote to Naked about it and give them their due they at least wrote back, apologised and gave me a free hand cream!

So suggestions welcome people!! 🙂

My stash…. updated!

A year ago today I did a post on what was in my stash and how many polishes I had. My how things have grown!!!!

As mentioned yesterday I have now outgrown 1 helmer and now have 2. Although thankfully I’ve got LOADS of room in the second one.

This is a mega pic heavy post so I have put in a jump, hope you don’t mind!!

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Hoggy piccies!!

Just cause!!


Dolly’s a bit cross cause I caught her out on her wheel. She hates being watched wheeling! I’ve bought her a new wheel, a purple one. Can’t wait till it arrives because cleaning the one she has got is a NIGHTMARE!!!


Holly wasn’t sure she wanted to watch TV in bed with me so decided to snuggle and a cute little squashed face appeared!!!

So cute and so lovely. And both grumpy as sin!! Love my little hogs!!

My make up favourites!!

I know this is a nail polish blog, it always will be but I’ve had the urge for a while now to talk about make up and what I like.

I find it VERY difficult to wear make up as, despite being 31, I have the oily skin of a 13 year old and most of it slides off my face by 9.30am. But since I’ve started reading blogs I’ve picked up a few hints and tips, hence this is the make up I love and wear!

First the basics….


Urban Decay eye shadow primer is a product I will never ever live without again. I never bothered with eye shadow before because it would crease and look horrible. This product is fantastic. Since I’ve started wearing it my eye make up stays up ALL day and I love it. Well worth the high price tag. I’ve tried cheaper versions such as the much raved about MUA one but this is the king of them all.

My current favourite face primer is the one I bought from London before Christmas. It actually does keep my face matte for most of the day which is an achievement as like I said above I have very oily skin. It applies really sticky when it first goes on and feels kinda horrible but once its dried you can’t feel it at all and really does help with the oiliness.


Next foundation. I use this maybelline stick as I find this soooo much quicker and easier to use than a liquid foundation, especially as I’m always running late! The coverage isn’t great but does the job and assists in keeping my skin matte looking.

The under eye concealer from Seventeen is a recent addition. I have horrible dark circles under my eye and this makes them less obvious and I love it. Heavy duty is needed and heavy duty it is!

Next is eyes. You’ll notice more Urban Decay. I’m currently in love with this brand! I got the eye liner set in the Christmas sales and I’m really loving their staying power. They apply so smoothly and I love the colours. Big thumbs up from me.

The Vice 2 pallet I bought in London and I adore. Fab colours and doesn’t budge. Well worth the cost.


My current go to mascara is Barry M Lash Vegas in water proof. This has come to the test and passed with flying colours! I bought this as part of an offer Superdrug was having at the time and I adore it. I have horrible short lashes that point downwards and this holds the curl and extends them beautifully. I’ve now bought back ups just in case they discontinue in the future!!



Again a bit high end.


The colours really are lovely and can build up to a perfect blush. I’ve never used a high end blush before I got these and the quality really does show through. The packaging is sooo pretty and these pink tones are just so me!

My current go to lippies are again from the NARS spring collection. Pink lipstick really suits me so when I saw this collection and these two in particular I had to have them!


They don’t wear that well but I can let them off as the colours are stunning.

So they are my current make up favourites. I’ll do an update in a few months and see if this is still the case!!!! I’ve just bought some new lipsticks!!!

Thanks for reading xx

Drama Drama Drama

Do you know what I hate the most? Apart from a crappy nail polish or the rain. Drama. Unless its The Walking Dead or True Blood of course……

The nail polish world is full of it. If it isn’t Llarowe restock website crashes its indie nail polish makers doing a bunk. Or the latest MsJenFabulous stealing nail art!

Thats a shocker and some big bloggers are all making sure that the word gets out there. However its surprising considering how long she has apparently being doing it, that its taken this long for it to come out of the woodwork!

My upset is regarding the group which I am fostering Doll’s through. Things have taken a turn for the worse over the past few days and if we thought the nail polish world drama was bad this is nothing!

Ultimately it all comes down to who is more important than who, rather than the most important thing of the hedgehog’s. Thats really quite sad.

I feel quite frustrated and cross tonight and I hate that. Hope it goes away soon.


Happy New Year!

Happy new year readers! How are your hangovers? My trek up the hill last night to get home due to lack of taxi’s appeared to have sobered me up so I woke up without a hangover, which is a bit of a shocker tbh!!!!

2013 didn’t end particularly well for me as on Monday I went to ikea to buy a second helmer (post to follow!) and on the way back a lorry decided it didn’t like me having a wing mirror or perfect paint on my drivers door. Grrrrr. If anyone feels that they are able to boycott Tesco with me for a while please do. Insurance reckons it will be a ‘disputed accident’ so that means I may not get all of my 375 excess back!!!! Grrrr, pissed off is a little bit of an understatement.

On a more positive note, I’ve become a foster mummy to another hedgehog! She is an albino, who is 3 years old. Her name is Dolly and she was rescued from a couple who just didn’t keep her in the right conditions or looked after her properly. My role is to get Dolly back to health and then help the rescue find a forever home for her. She is a complete sweetheart!!




She loves that damn toilet roll!! Every time I take it off she sticks it back on again and then gets cross because she can’t get it off!! She’s such a character!

My little girlie Holly is still being a darling and getting more comfortable with me day by day. May have to get her out for cuddles soon!!!

Nails, yep there are some nails in this post I promise! For Christmas my lovely boyfriend bought me the Rio Nail foil set. (well I say he did, I bought it and then he transferred the money back into my account….!).

I decided I wanted bling nails last night and this is what I got…initially anyway.



Sparkle goodness!! The kit came with a top coat and it recommended putting on two coats letting each coat dry. This I did. It also said that the foil will dully and wrinkle until the top coat was dry. Well it didn’t unwrinkle or become shiny again, it just stayed dull and horrible. Not what I wanted at all.



As they are for such short time use, I may just not bother with top coat next time. Really disappointed about how they turned out. But the foil did apply really well which I was pleased about.

Anyway, enough rambling for today.

Thanks for reading xxx