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My sunset mani!

I’ll be honest I’ve always wanted to do a mani like this but have never done it in case I couldn’t do it. But this weekend I bit the bullet!!


As long as you don’t look too close I love it!

I have no clue what the polish names were, I just picked at random, but I did use the Barry M pen to do the detail and the Rimmel matte topcoat.

I’d keep this on longer if it weren’t for the fact that it’s now started to chip. 😦

Oh and wanna laugh at how my right hand turned out?


Yup pinkie finger looks like side show bill!!! Haha


Uh oh….. wheres the mojo gone??!!

Yup I’ve currently lost my blogging mojo. Not sure why to be honest as I’m still painting my nails as much as ever. I think its a time issue.

I’m stretching myself too bloody far. And its March, the end of the financial year for work and I’ve got a 3 hour exam to revise for and a 1500 assignment to write.

And 2 hedgehogs and a boyfriend who is more clingy that a very clingy thing, bless him!! lol

Anyway, I think this is my way of saying, I need a break, a bit of a breather as it were.

I’m posting manis on instagram a lot, as well as the hedgehogs, I think its easier there as it just a picture. Not a lot of words or thinking required. So please do come and find me there if you are a ‘grammar!! My user name is prettypolishesblog or use the link on the right.

I WILL be back, just need a bit of a time out from putting so much pressure on myself.

So don’t leave me!!! 🙂

The Crumpet Millionaire Giveaway

Wow, the Crumpet has had a million page views! So well deserved she is one of the few bloggers in my ‘my read’ list on bloglovin. I love her swatches and I love her style of posts. I really feel like she’s talking directly to me sometimes.

That woman talks a shit load of sense. In honour of being so fabulous she’s doing a mega giveaway. Make sure you enter!

Good luck!

Happy Birthday Pretty Polishes

Well. My blog is one year old today! Go me! Who would have thought that I would have stuck it out so long!

To begin with it was just me and the girls from NPAA and then gradually over time a few more came on board.

My turning point was joining in with the British Nail Bloggers giveaway which gained me HUNDREDS of followers. There is a but to that however that despite going from 20 odd followers to over 300 in the space of those weeks today I’m averaging 20 page views today. That makes me sad that lots of those people followed for the sake of the giveaway.

But no matter, I don’t do this for getting hundreds of views a day, I do this because I adore painting my nails and I want an outlet for it which doesn’t involved my poor OH to say very nice every time I do something different!! Lol

Let’s see where I have achieved since I started a year ago, well I’m doing nail art!! The 33dc certainly helped with that and although I’m not perfect I think that’s ok, because no one is. I’m stamping! And loving it. That’s a shocker for me as I never thought I’d get the hang of that!

I think that my piccies are better than a year ago, not perfect but better. I think what I’m putting into words is fairly understandable and my skills are much improved!

So all in all a great year. For nail blogs anyway. Things in my personal life have been very up and down but I always go and do my nails and that makes everything right again.

Oh and I’ve gained Holly and Dolly!!!

I know tradition would dictate a giveaway of my own however I’m not quite that organised! I will make sure I do something over the next new months though!

Tomorrow will be a yearly update on how my stash has grown! I’ll give you a clue. I now have two helmers……!

Thanks for reading xxxxx

No 7 – Galaxy. Chanel dupe?

Well as soon as I saw Chanel taboo on some blogs I knew I had to have it. However I cannot justify that cost. I have an addiction but even the inner me was wincing. So when I saw on Facebook a number of ladies discussing this polish and it’s potential to be a taboo dupe I was there quicker than a rat up a drain pipe!

Obviously I don’t have the chanel to compare to, but I adore this polish. Formula was a little thick but not unmanageable.





Honestly every nail polish collector needs this polish. Well worth it. Xx

Drool Britannia!

I am a member of the fab group called the British Nail Bloggers. Sally from Sally Magpies very kindly arranged for us to have our very own nail polish! Lilypad then made us a gorgeous polish which has blue, red and white glitters.

God this polish sparkles.






I layered this over a coat of OPI Sea you in Hollywood.

Drool Britannia is an exclusive polish that won’t ever be for sale sadly but I couldn’t not let you see this stunner!

Thanks for reading x