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A England – Tess D’Urbervilles with Models Own Stamping

I decided I wanted to see how good the new Models Own HyperGels would be as stamping polishes and ending up putting this right to the test!!

I used as my base A England, Tess D’Urbervilles. I love A Englands polishes but I have to admit I wasn’t totally into this one. I think its because most of the time it just looks black. You have to really get it into the sun to establish its a dark green.

I stamped using HyperGel in Turquoise Gloss using a Bundle Monster plate. I chose to use a bamboo stamp to see how much detail the hyper gel would pick up.




What do you think? Could you tell?

I’m not convinced myself at all on this mani and will change it pretty quick I think.

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Models Own Hypergel – White Light

Unless, as the saying goes, you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks Models Own have released a new collection of polishes. They are like Barry M Gelly’s whereby they have a gel like finish without the need of a UV lamp and you can remove them as normal.

They hit their 250,000 likes target and as I suspected the moment that they issued the 50% off code the website crashed. Two hours later I managed to pick up the few polishes that I and a couple of the ladies from NPAA wanted. They arrived super dooper quick, the next day in fact!! No label and over 4 polishes in the parcel. One rule for one, one for another it would appear. Anyway I digress!

The one I was most excited to try was the white. I’m always on the look out for a good white polish. Unfortunatly the first time I tried this wear this polish was a disaster. I was trying to do it quickly and formula didn’t assist in this! Its very thick and a little unmanageable. You cannot go over the same area twice in quick succession otherwise the polish will just streak and go lumpy. You’ll also have problems with air bubbles. So in a fit of frustration I took it off and tried again the next day. So basically what you are seeing here is my second attempt.

Sadly my stamping messed it up and the photographs are shit.

Basically my thoughts on the one HyperGel I’ve tried so far is that its not a polish to use when you are in a hurry. The second time I did it the results were much better. However it takes FOREVER to dry so I had to use a quick dry top coat so the shine aspect of the gel polish was defeated. There are lot nicer and better white polishes out there so I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy this one.




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