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Layla – Ultra Violet

So I decided to switch around the stamping polishes today and used Layla as my base with A England as my stamping polish.

Layla Ultra Violet is a gorgeous halo polish. It is hard work however and does need a specialist base and not nail envy like I attempted. Sadly then it went quite patchy and uneven. Going over with another coat made it worse so despite 3 coats, it was a bit of a disaster.




I stamped over with A England Jane Eyre as this was a dark purple colour I thought the contrast would be nice. However it wasn’t a great stamping polish choice, it simply wasn’t opaque enough which was a shame.

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Day 21 – #33dc

Day 21, the prompt, Europe……. *sigh* When I first read this I really didn’t know what I was going to do, but then I took delivery of my new set of Bundle Monster plates (since my stamping revolution!!) and there was an Eiffel Tower!!! Not that creative I know, but any excuse to try stamping again.


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Day 11 – 33 Day Challenge!

I’m still here, still going! I’m really getting into this now, some failures some good attempts and some I’m really proud of! Today’s prompt is 3D. After some ummmmming and ahhing I decided to keep it simple today and classify as a good attempt.


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33 Day Challenge – Day 6

Still going!!! Todays specification is texture. I have LOADS of textured polishes, I really love this trend and I hope it doesn’t die out soon.

You may recall that I wore a Layla Softouch a little while ago, well I decided that it matched rather well with one of my untried Kiko Sugar Mats!


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Layla Softouch Effect – 06 – Limoncello

I’m on a desperate attempt to use up all my summery untrieds before the weather goes town hill! I wore this end of August whilst the sun was still out. I love Layla Softouch polishes and when I saw this one on my holidays, I knew I had to pick it up!


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Layla Softouch effect – 03

Another holiday purchase today. One of my Laylas. I love the softouch effect polishes and this one certainly does not disappoint!


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Layla Softouch 05 – Pink

This polish, I’ll tell you right now, is simply lovely. Its also simply bloody difficult to photograph!!


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