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Sally Hansen – Midnight in NY

I managed to snag this a few months ago when Poundland had LOADS of Sally’s in stock.

This is a very deep dark brown colour, very murky. I decided that I was going to try using foils again as I hadn’t done for a while and chose to do a chevron effect on my tips.

The Sally was quite watery and before I did the second coat I used the cardinal sin of leaving the lid off for a little while to allow it to thicken and this worked much better.



As usual with foils the mani didn’t last long, but I quite liked the effect. Something to continue playing around with I think!

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Day 23 – 33dc

Only 10 more manis to go!!! I’m really concerned about what I’m going to do with all my time when this challenge is over. Anyone have any ideas, please drop me a line because I’ll get bored quickly again I suspect.

Anyway, todays prompt, Geometric. Geometric to me means straight lines and colour. Well I decided I wanted to do someone a little more sophisticated considering I had a meeting the next day.


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