Day 4 – 33 Day Challenge

Todays prompt…… Tribal!!

I’ve tried tribal before in the past and sadly failed. However I’m super excited this time, because I’m so bloody proud of what I did!! There is going to be a crap load of piccie spam I’m afraid, purely because I am so proud of it!!!


Polishes used from l-r

Kiko 295, Essie Lights, Kiko 279, Barry M White Matte and Mr M’s black nail art pen.

When this prompt came up and remembering past disasters I decided to do a bit of a google and see what came up. This one immediatly caught my attention as it looked striking but fairly simple and luckily there was a tutorial. The mani was done by the magnificent Pshiit. The linky to the blog is here —->

Pretty good right?? Want to see what I managed to do?






I went to the beach the day after I did these nails hence the ‘arty’ piccies!!

I know there are faults within the mani, but I really love wearing this! First time I’d done anything properly free hand that wasn’t a complete disaster!!! I was gutted when it had to come off.

What do you think? Did I do good? Lets see what everyone else came up with!

Thanks for reading xx



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