My sunset mani!

I’ll be honest I’ve always wanted to do a mani like this but have never done it in case I couldn’t do it. But this weekend I bit the bullet!!


As long as you don’t look too close I love it!

I have no clue what the polish names were, I just picked at random, but I did use the Barry M pen to do the detail and the Rimmel matte topcoat.

I’d keep this on longer if it weren’t for the fact that it’s now started to chip. 😦

Oh and wanna laugh at how my right hand turned out?


Yup pinkie finger looks like side show bill!!! Haha




I am still here peeps, I cannot believe its been 4 months since my last post. I’m sorry.

If you’ve been following me on instagram you will see that I’ve still been painting my nails and doing my thing, just not been posting them here!!

Work got busy, 3 hedgehogs and an awkward boyfriend to look after take up a lot of time, plus painting nails!

Here are a few of the highlights from my time away:























Phew!!! Thats just a random selection!!!

And just cause I can here are some random hedgehog piccies!!!





I got my tattoo finished! (its a horrible piccie, not got around to getting another one taken!)


And finally I went on holidays back in June to Lanzarote again. Loved it and miss it terribly. Hope to go back at Christmas.


So anyways, bit a pic heavy update, I’ll try to be back more regularly and I hope not to many of you have left me!

Take care and much love. xx

Uh oh….. wheres the mojo gone??!!

Yup I’ve currently lost my blogging mojo. Not sure why to be honest as I’m still painting my nails as much as ever. I think its a time issue.

I’m stretching myself too bloody far. And its March, the end of the financial year for work and I’ve got a 3 hour exam to revise for and a 1500 assignment to write.

And 2 hedgehogs and a boyfriend who is more clingy that a very clingy thing, bless him!! lol

Anyway, I think this is my way of saying, I need a break, a bit of a breather as it were.

I’m posting manis on instagram a lot, as well as the hedgehogs, I think its easier there as it just a picture. Not a lot of words or thinking required. So please do come and find me there if you are a ‘grammar!! My user name is prettypolishesblog or use the link on the right.

I WILL be back, just need a bit of a time out from putting so much pressure on myself.

So don’t leave me!!! 🙂

Sally Hansen – Midnight in NY

I managed to snag this a few months ago when Poundland had LOADS of Sally’s in stock.

This is a very deep dark brown colour, very murky. I decided that I was going to try using foils again as I hadn’t done for a while and chose to do a chevron effect on my tips.

The Sally was quite watery and before I did the second coat I used the cardinal sin of leaving the lid off for a little while to allow it to thicken and this worked much better.



As usual with foils the mani didn’t last long, but I quite liked the effect. Something to continue playing around with I think!

Thanks for reading xx

Layla – Ultra Violet

So I decided to switch around the stamping polishes today and used Layla as my base with A England as my stamping polish.

Layla Ultra Violet is a gorgeous halo polish. It is hard work however and does need a specialist base and not nail envy like I attempted. Sadly then it went quite patchy and uneven. Going over with another coat made it worse so despite 3 coats, it was a bit of a disaster.




I stamped over with A England Jane Eyre as this was a dark purple colour I thought the contrast would be nice. However it wasn’t a great stamping polish choice, it simply wasn’t opaque enough which was a shame.

Thanks for reading x

A England – Tess D’Urbervilles with Models Own Stamping

I decided I wanted to see how good the new Models Own HyperGels would be as stamping polishes and ending up putting this right to the test!!

I used as my base A England, Tess D’Urbervilles. I love A Englands polishes but I have to admit I wasn’t totally into this one. I think its because most of the time it just looks black. You have to really get it into the sun to establish its a dark green.

I stamped using HyperGel in Turquoise Gloss using a Bundle Monster plate. I chose to use a bamboo stamp to see how much detail the hyper gel would pick up.




What do you think? Could you tell?

I’m not convinced myself at all on this mani and will change it pretty quick I think.

Thanks for reading. x

Sinful Colors – Lets Talk

I saw this polish on another blog and I KNEW I had to have it. I’m so pleased that Boots now stock Sinful Colors, they have a great range of colours and the formula is fab.

I loved this polish solo much that I had it on for ENTIRE weekend. Yup, that long.



The problem with these photos is that they show the colour to be more blue but in fact the polish is purple but this is the closest match I could get using the tools (iphone!) that I had. If you are popping through Boots (I mean when won’t you be!), take a detour to the sinful colours stand and look out this polish. You won’t regret it!!

Thanks for reading xx