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Layla – Ultra Violet

So I decided to switch around the stamping polishes today and used Layla as my base with A England as my stamping polish.

Layla Ultra Violet is a gorgeous halo polish. It is hard work however and does need a specialist base and not nail envy like I attempted. Sadly then it went quite patchy and uneven. Going over with another coat made it worse so despite 3 coats, it was a bit of a disaster.




I stamped over with A England Jane Eyre as this was a dark purple colour I thought the contrast would be nice. However it wasn’t a great stamping polish choice, it simply wasn’t opaque enough which was a shame.

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A England – Tess D’Urbervilles with Models Own Stamping

I decided I wanted to see how good the new Models Own HyperGels would be as stamping polishes and ending up putting this right to the test!!

I used as my base A England, Tess D’Urbervilles. I love A Englands polishes but I have to admit I wasn’t totally into this one. I think its because most of the time it just looks black. You have to really get it into the sun to establish its a dark green.

I stamped using HyperGel in Turquoise Gloss using a Bundle Monster plate. I chose to use a bamboo stamp to see how much detail the hyper gel would pick up.




What do you think? Could you tell?

I’m not convinced myself at all on this mani and will change it pretty quick I think.

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Illamasqua Radium with A England Dragon

Some more stamping today!

Base colour is Radium which as like all Illamasqua’s applies really well. Two coats and it was sorted.

Dry time is super quick so I did some swirly stamping using A England Dragon which is a holographic green. A Englands are great for stamping.

Love the colour combo!





What do you think?

Illamasqua – Jo’Mina with A England Lady of the Lake

I’ve had another go at stamping and I’m in proper love with this mani. So much so I wore it for two whole days straight!! Thats a miracle in my world!!

Two coats of Jo’Mina which went on perfectly and dried super quickly and then I stamped using Lady of the Lake, a purple Halo from A England which as it turns up is PERFECT for stamping!!

Sadly I couldn’t really capture the Halo very well in the piccies particularly as it was cloudy the two days I wore it!!



I hope you are all tolerating my Illamasqua lovefest at the moment, because there is a ‘few’ more to come!!

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