Race for Life Nail Art!!!

Good afternoon!

I’ll be honest, I’m a little bit worn out this afternoon as this morning I did the Race for Life. For those of you who don’t know what the Race for Life is, its where hundreds of ladies, in my case apparently about 2,000 of us all run, jog, walk or dance (!) around a 5k course. They run these in towns all over the UK to raise money for the fantastic cause of Cancer Research. We’ve all been affected by cancer in our lives I’m sure and after the death of a colleagues Mum earlier on this year a group of us from work decided that we were going to do it!!


Remember the picture I put on a blog post a few posts back about the lovely peaceful park opposite where I work? Well today it looked a little different!!


There was 16 of us in our group, from all different teams within the organisation and we all knew someone who had either died or suffered with Cancer. Myself my lovely Nana died whilst I was quite young, sadly I don’t remember a huge amount about her and that really makes me sad. My Mum has a picture of her cuddling me when I was a little baby. There was my Uncle who died about 6 months after being diagnosed with Cancer. He left us 5 1/2 years ago and left my Dad without his best friend. And lastly my Grandma who was diagnosed with breast cancer only last year. After an operation however she is doing well and her prognosis is good.

However her Mum died from breast cancer and they say it runs through the family line, so both myself and my Mum are now checking ourselves all the time. Just to be sure.

I was going to attempt to jog around the course today but after the speeches from people who were motivating us and the warm up, we all got quite emotional and decided to stick together as it was our first time together as a team and I’m really glad we did. We did jog some of the way, but we also walked as well. And to be honest although I’ve done 5k on the treadmill at the gym it was completely different around the park. And there were HILLS!!!! So in a way it worked out quite well as I’m not sure I would have made it jogging all the way round. So for those who sponsored me, I hope I’m not a failure to you. I did however sprint the final straight and made it round a smidge under an hour!!!! And I got my medal.


Anyway to the nails! I messed up a little bit in as much I was just doing whatever on whatever nail and didn’t realise that things would be upside down from one another!! Oppsss, so forgive some random photos!

I bought some Race for Life water decals from ebay. They use the old logo unfortunately but it saved me having to attempt nail art on all my fingers!!


I then decided to do the Cancer Research logo above. How hard could it be, its only dots and I can do dots right?? Right?? Well I’ll give my attempt 6 out of 10!


On my pinkie finger, my nail is too small for a decal and a C, so I decided just to do a lovely pink heart.



I used a wide variety of polishes for this mani!


From LtoR:

Barry M – Matt White
Kiko – 336
Sinful Colors – 24/7
A England – Excalibur
Barry M – Guava


Thanks for reading and if you’d like to know more about Race for Life the link is http://raceforlife.cancerresearchuk.org/index.html. Check and see if there is a race near you! x


  1. Dazza

    That’s excellent! Loving the Cancer logo – it’s a tricky thing to try and copy on a nail but you did well! Congrats on the race too 🙂

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