Day 11 – 33 Day Challenge!

I’m still here, still going! I’m really getting into this now, some failures some good attempts and some I’m really proud of! Today’s prompt is 3D. After some ummmmming and ahhing I decided to keep it simple today and classify as a good attempt.


I used the Layla gel effect polish that I bought on holiday. I had intended to combine this with a wear test but unfortunately that wasn’t to be. I got impatient and ended up taking it off. You’ll see why in these pictures!!



Yup, horrific air bubbles! However from a distance I think it looks ok! I decided to mix up the shapes and I really really like the effect! I will do this again and next time be a little more patient!

The polish itself applied well and was nearly opaque in one coat. It could potentially be used as a stamping polish? I don’t know I’m not quite there in the world of stamping but I’ll give it a go and report back.

In the meantime lets check out the other 3D manis from the rest of the Nail Tart’s!

Thanks for reading! xx



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