Day 21 – #33dc

Day 21, the prompt, Europe……. *sigh* When I first read this I really didn’t know what I was going to do, but then I took delivery of my new set of Bundle Monster plates (since my stamping revolution!!) and there was an Eiffel Tower!!! Not that creative I know, but any excuse to try stamping again.


I used the last of my Layla Softouch polishes, Number 10. I really think I’ve saved the best to last. However I couldn’t, no matter what I tried, get a good picture of it. Trust me when I say this is a stunning and beautiful polish.

Here is a couple of shots before I stamped over it…..

#33dc Day 21!

#33dc Day 21!

#33dc Day 21


So pretty. No topcoat so the wear time was pretty shocking. I stamped on day 2 of this mani and had to touch up the tips first….!

To stamp I used my favourite gold nail polish from Next.

#33dc Day 21

#33dc Day 18



I’ll be honest my stamping wasn’t great but it wasn’t that bad either. The polish with a top coat looked super gorgeous and I’m really sorry I couldn’t get a better picture of it.

Anyway, lets check out the others!

Thanks for reading! xx


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